For those clients who are ready for a change and ready to take that step to regaining their independence, case management is ready and waiting for them. This could be taking the step to get sober, the step to obtain education/employment, the step to obtain entitlements, or a step to obtaining their own housing among others. Working with a case manager affords the client more time with the case manager and one on one focus with the client to find out the needs of the client and work towards obtaining the healthiest lifestyle for the client. It just takes the client making the first step to their future.

Upon entering into case management an intake is done well as an action plan. It is at this time that the case manager and client talk in depth about the clients’ short term and long term goals. Plans of action are then formed as to how to accomplish these goals. Accomplishing even the simplest goal is extremely important as it is those accomplishments that help to increase the self esteem of the client.

Some examples of things done in case management are applying for and successfully obtaining entitlements through assisting clients with the application for Temporary Cash Assistance, Temporary Disability Assistance Program, TCA, food stamps, and/or Medical Assistance through the use of Services Access Information Link (SAIL). In addition, the case manager may work with the client with the application for Social Security by contacting Social Security and obtaining a telephone or in office application appointment and walking the client through the process. Obtaining safe and appropriate housing, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, educational (GED/DORS) referrals, formulation of a resumes and assistance with job searches, and family reunification are also focuses within the case management program.

While in the beginning it is the case manager advocating for the client, a big goal of case management is teaching/enabling the client to become their biggest advocate. Through the successful completion of their goals, the self esteem needed to embrace being their own advocate grows and so does the ability to maintain the healthy lifestyle that they fought so hard to obtain.