Soup Plus Drop-in Center

Manna House began serving the poor and homeless of Baltimore as Midtown Churches Community Association (MCCA) in 1967. Since the inception of the agency we have embraced the holistic approach for providing services. Tending to the clients physical, emotional, and/or spiritual needs is part of this approach. Every client is different and struggling with the different hurdles which are in front of them. Some are struggling with the poverty that they are living in and many have additional struggles dealing with mental illness, homelessness, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, abuse, as well as other stressors.

The Drop-In-Center provides services beginning with the morning meal from 8:00 to 10:15 a.m. daily and continues from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m (Monday through Friday). We serve an average of 176 men, women and children everyday. The meal we serve may be eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, fruit and coffee, or it may be chicken cordon blue with all the trimmings. The menu is largely dependent on the donations that we receive.

During the Drop-In-Center hours, many services are provides. Among other services, clients are given access to a phone to make important phone calls, given the chance to fill out a clothing form to request a bag of clothes (clothes which have been donated to Manna House and sorted by volunteers), given the chance to take a nice warm shower with toiletries provided, provided with food vouchers to a local food pantry, assisted with applying for birth certificates/ID’s, assistance with completing paperwork, given bus tokens for documented appointments, and access to case management. Many clients just need someone who will listen to them, without being judgmental . . . that can be the biggest service of them all!

Holiday Meals

On Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, volunteers provide breakfast for the clients Volunteers, members of the board, the Baltimore Hebrew Brotherhood and many other individuals cook, decorate and prepare the dining area and serve breakfast to anywhere from 200 to 300 men, women and children. The volunteers finish their day cleaning and preparing for the next day’s morning meal.