Construction has begun!

The leadership of Manna House is pleased to share this update with our supporters and friends. In April 2020, after extensive delays due in part to the permitting process, the construction phase of the Manna House Capital Project has begun.



The initial design called for the construction of a new kitchen and storage addition that would have been located in our existing parking lot. However, with engineering testing, we discovered that under the parking lot was an old collapsed building. Excavation would have made the project difficult, unsafe, and cost-prohibitive. In late 2018, the adjacent three-story carry-out restaurant row house, with its first-floor commercial kitchen and appliances, became available; in December 2018, Manna House purchased the property. This row house adds 4780 ft.² to Manna House and will be physically connected to our existing building. Both the newly acquired building and our existing building are 100 years old.


Our construction contractor, Mahogany, Inc., is a Baltimore City minority-owned construction company that has completed numerous construction projects in the City and surrounding areas.


The initial stages of Mahogany’s construction include:

  1. The renovation of the new kitchen area which is triple the size of our current kitchen area
  2. Various repairs to the upper floor of the new building
  3. The construction of a new small add-on space that will have a separate entrance for our volunteers. This new space will be used to brief our volunteers on their daily duties and provide a place for them to store belongings.


Construction will then turn to the major renovations of the first floor of our existing facility. The dining area will be expanded to seat over 50 clients at one time from our current seating capacity of only 23 clients. The showers, bathrooms, and office areas will be renovated, and we will add at least one new bathroom and office. Repairs will also be made to the roof, basement, and parking lot. Additional renovations will occur if we are successful in obtaining sufficient funds to exercise our contract options.


The total projected cost of the Project, including contract options, is approximately $2,300,000. As of April 25, we have obtained pledges just over $1,550,000, and of that amount, we have received $1,400,000. The Project consist of two Phases:


Phase I

Phase I of the Project includes all costs associated with the purchase of the adjacent carry-out restaurant row house, architectural fees, construction inspection permits, a security camera, and various kitchen and dining room equipment. These latter items include dining room tables and chairs, commercial dishwasher, radiant conveyor toaster, icemaker, commercial meat slicer, preparation tables, and a Combi oven/steamer. The cost of Phase I items (which have been paid) was approximately $600,000.


Phase II

Phase II of the project includes all of the construction/renovations to be performed by Mahogany at a current guaranteed price of almost $1,100,000.

The Mahogany contract also includes an additional $600,000 in needed but not yet exercised options. These options include the build-out of the upper floor of the new building, an extension of the concrete ramp with canopy, exterior Manna House signage, repairs to the parking lot retaining wall, lot perimeter fencing, and a walk-in cooler and freezer.


Thank You to Our Most Generous Donors to The Project

Manna House is blessed with many supporters who help fund our daily operations that include providing over 71,000 meals last year, showers, mail service, drop-in-center, clothing, medical testing and referrals, job assistance, and transportation tokens.


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