Michael's Story


Is Making A Difference

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Michael has known Manna House for almost 20 years. While he has received services, Michael also worked as a dishwasher at Manna House for ten years. He now enjoys the camaraderie.


“I like that it’s convenient. I’m right across the street. I like that they provide clothes and that they feed you. I like the people and the staff — the staff is really friendly towards me.”


Michael also has a special place in his heart for Manna House, because it’s where he met his wife Saundra.
Yes, we met here! I was a dishwasher at the time, and she was a client. She came in and she saw me back there working and she came up and asked me to come to her house for dinner and I was like ‘sure!’ Next thing, the relationship just blossomed…we’ve been together 18 years!

When asked what Michael wants others to know about Manna House, he said that “Manna House really does help people regardless of creed, color, national origin, what have you. They’re about helping people.”