Case Management

It takes time working with clients to reach a stage where they are ready to enroll in a Case Management Program, which offers more in-depth assistance.

But for those ready to take the next step in regaining their lives, Manna House’s Case Managers help develop action plans with the client to address their needs and their obstacles in overcoming homelessness. Case Management is the pathway to independence; unfortunately, we never have enough case managers to meet the demand.


Case management services include job readiness/search, reconciliation with families, housing assistance, linking to health care and substance abuse services, help with obtaining entitlements and  assistance with obtaining necessary documentation such as Maryland State ID and Birth Certificate, and more.


There is a group of clients who will never become independent because they are too old to work, chronically ill or mentally ill. There is another group of clients who are caught in the web of substance abuse. Whichever group clients may fall under, and while they are moving forward or treading water, they do need essential supportive services to survive. Most things that are needed in a home are needed in Manna House. Think of Manna House as just a very large house.

Being homeless can be a challenge, however there is a place called Manna House. With their great staff, they will give you resources and help enable you to help yourself. My workers, Shakia and Jen, didn’t just get me housed, they helped me find and obtain my own housing. They helped me calm and focus so that all the obstacles in my way weren’t overwhelming. I am now housed and focusing on the issues which led me to my homelessness to begin with. Now I am no longer homeless and I am on the mend.

A Manna House Client