Drop-In Center

After the morning meal is served…

The Drop-In Center provides a warm or cool place to be during the day — a place that is safe, and where clients can rest and where they can receive help. Services are provided during breakfast and resume from 11:30 AM until 3:30 PM (Monday through Friday).


A majority of those who eat in our soup kitchen are homeless, living in cars, under bridges, parks, and in abandoned houses. But every client is different and has unique needs. Every concession is made to assist clients in the needs that are hindering their independence and stability. Many clients just need someone who will listen to them, without being judgmental . . . that can be the biggest service of them all!


The Drop-In Center enables people to become their own biggest advocate, through the successful completion of their goals.

Being homeless and unemployed can be depressing and challenging. When I was homeless, Manna House not only allowed me to use their address to receive mail, but provided a delicious hot meal every morning, hot showers and housing connections; transportation and tokens; clothing for job interviews. They helped me get my CDL driving record for a job interview. Manna House doesn’t give handouts,they give a helping hand up. I thank GOD for the Manna House Staff and its volunteers.


Drop-In Center Services